A unique virtual experience designed to help you redefine and rediscover the many benefits of rest. Renew your mind, body, spirit, and relationships during these three days of RESToration.

It's time to recover your life from daily overwhelm and return to rest. 

Unlike physical retreats where you can end up engaging in activities you don't find restorative or simply don't need, Living Sabbath Virtual Retreat allows you to customize your experience. You get to select the content that helps you rest in the ways you need most. Your personalized 3-day schedule can include as many sessions as you desire with ample time for mid-day tea, an afternoon nap, purposeful times of silence, and even an evening stroll. Dip in and watch the specific talks you need to recover your life, renew your energy, and restore your sanity.  This is your opportunity to learn how to incorporate a lifestyle of living Sabbath.

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With 25+ experts, the strategies you need to rest well are just a click away

Our experts will be sharing their years of knowledge, strategies, and actionable practices. If you’re focused on starting the New Year with a better understanding of rest, recovery, and Sabbath, we've got you covered.

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Choose the breakout and restorative sessions you are interested in attending and we'll keep you up to date on when those talks are live. 

Session descriptions:

Main sessions are 30-minute inspirational presentations by our featured keynote speakers and are recommended for all attendees.

Breakout sessions are 30-minute informational presentations by content matter speakers on a specific topic related to rest, renewal, sabbath, peace, hope, intimacy with God, prayer, wellness, or other related topics.

Restorative sessions are unique 15-30 minute interactive experiences to usher attendees into a time of rest and renewal. Examples include art/worship/music ministry (creative rest), directed journaling (emotional rest), guided prayers (spiritual rest), stretching/self-massage routines (physical rest), meditation practices (mental rest), group coaching (emotional rest), and other creative way to explore rest.

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Retreat Schedule

9 AM         Opening Main Session

10 AM      Your Choice of AM Breakout Sessions

11 AM       Your Choice of AM Restorative Sessions

Noon         Lunch

1 PM         Your Choice of PM Breakout Sessions

1:30 PM   Your Choice of PM Restorative Sessions

2 PM         Closing Main Session

Evening BONUS SESSIONS are available for VIP and VIP Plus

(All times above are Central Time Zone)

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We are excited to have the following Christian thought leaders joining us.

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